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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Okay, here it is. I've decided to start my blog in order to object to the huge amount crap fruit juice that seems to have pervaded the British wine selling retailers. You go into any off-license and you are confronted by shelf after shelf of same same alcoholic fruit juice.

The main producer of this sh*t are the Australians, who, with massive investment in marketing have conned the whole British drinking masses (of which there are MASSES) in consuming this. The whole effect is a numbing of taste and the creation of tribe of people who think they know how to walk into a shop and buy decent wine. They simply don't. They are being force fed a con.

After attending many tastings and drinking plenty of good wine, I am now on a quest to seek out and shoot down the purveyors of mediocrity. While I'm at it I shall singing the wild praises of the better, so-called, "Old world" wines and championing their return to eminence... that which they deserve.


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