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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Oz Wine Show - biased? Methinks so!

This is a good site but I often feel that the "news" section is a bit biased towards nice 'n' bright things from Australia and a even a little pandering to US listeners who obviously are tuning in their droves. My guess is that as an Oz wine show they have the interests of the Oz wine industry in mind and do not want to cause any upset whilst exports are so strong. I think one news report stated that French wine producers are converting good Fine wine into fuel for cars. Try mentioning this to a few growers in France and they'd laugh you out of the country (or burn you at the stake, re: Joan of Arc, or cut your head off, re: Robes Pierre). Now, I am not French and I don't fill up my car with surplus claret and I would like a little less propaganda based news shite posted on our beloved blogwaves. As a drinker of many world wines and a great lover of French wines, I think the hype over australian produce is largely just that... hype!



At 1:31 AM, Blogger Richard Payne said...

Dear Old World Wine Weapon,

I am in complete and utter agreement with your comment regarding the ozzie wine show being biased towards ozzie wines. Indeed, 999% of Oz shows (TV, Radio, Internet, writing etc..) will be biased towards anything Australian. There is a national epidemic of self adulation and flag waving which is promoted on a daily basis by the main big media companies.

If it’s not Australian it’s no good is a common attitude.

This belief, ostracising the nation from the rest of the world into a state of paranoia and in defence of this, more flag waving. And there you have it a vicious circle which has lead to some Australian students this week announcing a flag burning session to break the cycle.

Surely a glass Rioja of an evening or a flute of proseco under the pine tree's would suffice!

At 3:38 PM, Blogger JC said...

There is careful measured silenced in the Old world lands (a bit like Muslim lands but the monks got here first and claimed drunkeness as one of its own!) , where vines are starting to think about spring and the glut is in the gut. "Too far" I hear voices proclaim in foreign tongues, "too far, this has gone. We will round and fight!"

Watch out Aussies, we'll wipe the shelves of you and claim back cooling space for our local drinkers!


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