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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Thus spake I! What a couple of days. I've been supping away in slow but meaningless contemplation and was about to give the ghost when the bell rang and it was my dearly beloved with a more than pained expression on her glorious boat race. "THE WINE... IT'S IN THE CAR!" Sensing the urgency I seized my coat, my senses and shoes and headed for the boot of the car.

And there it was. 8 cases to add to my current glut! "Delve deep" the spirits sang, and so I did, so I have and so I am (slightly Irish in tone there!). These are S. African wines. Not Oldey worldy, I know. I must apologise in part for a degree of hypocrisy but can take some solace that these wines are emulating certain characteristics from the mother continent but sadly those that they do not it is not for want of trying.

The wine this evening is a Pinotage, dark berries on the nose that pervade through onto the palate (I like ballsy wine talk) and skip through the breathing passages leaving an aura of high ground pleasure. One thing to note from pinotage is the immediate peppery sensation that I have had on a couple of occasions. I am only two glasses in. My better half is out this evening, a necessary dispatch. She is at the view of Zoe's art work opening. Forgetting for a moment that these are age old friends, this is a chance to lig, and with free cocktails (a liggers dream) she could hardly be held back. This leaves me here sombre and woeful, tasting vino and writing sweet nothings to the spirit world (There are something like a million blogs a day created. This has meant that Google has teamed up with the Vatican to raise the dead of centuries just to create an audience for a multitude of whining bloggers - (LOOK AT ME I'M PUNNING!))... anyway, this vino is certainly hitting the spot!

I better stop. I could be hunted... did you know that the feds have teamed up with MI6 and the cast of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' arresting drunk bloggers under the terrorist act? You didn't? ... Well you do now!

Good night to you and long may you rest!


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