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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yikes! Batten down the hatches, put rubber sealant around your doors and windows... the Australian Wine Glut is here to stay for a further two years! The aggression between producers is peaking as they force their wares into the UK market place. I'm beginning to feel like foi gras on the run!

Myself and a few others are leading a small rebellion. We expect to be crushed like sour rapes in a press of wrath. Our small resistance will go down in history as a lonely stand against a lake of mediocrity... the last warcry. I expect I shall be played in the dramatised film by someone like Tom Cruise or Sean Bean. An underground love scene will be woven into the fabric of the story... I'll get to snog Angelina Jolie (playing the troubled Chud!) in the back cupboard as we experience serious poisonous wine seepage. Anyway, I digress...

The wine glut in Australia is to continue for a further two years - TWO YEARS - meaning more wines flooding our already saturated market! God help us. Pull the plug on this misery Lord, or at least send us a second Noah so that we might sail across this intrepid sea to a far off land!

More on this anon.


At 9:05 PM, Blogger Richard Payne said...

The worst thing about the 'glut' of Australian wine the British Isles are awash with, is that it's the crap stuff!!

The antipodeans are not as stupid as you think. They saturate a British wine market with the crap stuff and keep the good stuff stacked to the rafters on their own shores!!!!

May be my taste buds have changed in the last 5 years of exile on this continent but what is constant is the good vino I have enjoyed night after night. Im not talking the wolf blass and jacobs creek that gets shipped to Britain. But great Shiraz from the Barrossa Valley, Riesling from the Eden Valley and cabernet Sauvignons from the Margaret River...

At 11:35 PM, Blogger JC said...

Don't get me wrong Mister Payne, secretly, we love Aussie wine! But the crap that's bleeding out of the window in the offy on the corner of my street is not of the ilk that you describe.

Australian wine has built up a reputation for producing world class wine and these are fetching HUGE prices in the market place. But the stuff they choose to pickle our livers with is naff plonk.

We must rid ourselves of this vinegar by switching to a belleagured Europe for our supply!

The moons are chiming my friend, the solar eclipses are heralding a change... soon our shelves will be stacked with decent wine again...

I'll make sure of it.


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