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Monday, March 13, 2006

After a hectic week last week with well over 20 litres of wine consumed and many wasted, i feel the GLUT IS ON!.

Tonight I have been wading through the fridge and have disposed of two opened but hardly touched bottles of good red. I have put one sauv blanc in the meal and still feel that there is more mileage to cover.

There is too. This evening my dearest and I are indulging in James Brown and vino (I got soul and I'm SUPER BAD --- SUPERBAD BROTHER!). There needs to be more drunk and the rest of the week is leading to nothing but more super consumption. I'll be screaming in this corner during the week... if I can crawl here!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This day, we look toward Spain for hope and bestowment upon our tables of serious alternatives to Ostwaliun Dross!

And today it was given... from the Ribero Del Duero, to Rioja through to Alborino and to the broader Le Mancha... yes, it was given! A wonderful tasting with some modern spanish flavours and some old.

The big brand that hit the table was Campo Viejo who sent in their Cava Gran Reserver and also the Rioja Gran Reserver. Both wines were very good. The Cava was pleasant surprise as it was expected to take layers of skin off the mouth but... here this... at £6.99 it was a bargain that knocked the woolly knee-creepers off Champagnes from the £10-15 price points. So note that... Campo Viejo (available from Sainsbury's, Odd bins, Cost Co) is a worthwhile purchase for a bit of mouth cleansing fizz! It was interesting though that their prize piece, the Rioja Gran rioja, in traditional wire dress, was not really so impressive. It was good but it wasn't great. we had a brief chat about how it would stand up against a Muga and it was clearly stated by my colleague that it didn't stand a furkin chance!

On the other hand the Enoa Reserva, 2001 from the Ribero Del Duero was the days champion. It was deep ruby in colour, extremely complex nose and producing all the desirous qualities that a good wine should. Aroma's of vanillin mixed with dark berry fruits... it made one long for meats... were conjured. Tipped onto the palatte, I have to say I sensed the intensity.. immediately I was seized by memories... was it Spain? Long lunches, or maybe something more profound... yes, that's it, it had all the composed intensity of Caravaggio's 'The Martyrdom of St Ursula'. This was quality wine that made an announcement... that spoke with depth of character.. with sweetness of oak and alas a lining of sorrow in that the bottle was finite and not last forever... should one turn to the church? My trusted colleague suggested that we might pitch it against an Alion but, as good as this is and how much i want to drink it again and again... could it possibly stand up? Room for another post here methinks!

Now late at night, I lean hunched over this machine and sip from the spanish cup. A country, once feared for hostile gestures towards our British shores, now has designs of seduction and enticements that entice us more.